George McCully will not be able to join us today for the Ethos Roundtable session.

It's 4:00 (eastern time) on January 18th, and I've heard from George McCully's colleague, Carl Mastandrea. Neither of them will be able to make it to our 4:30 Ethos Roundtable session.

I am already at the hotel, and will be here to hold a very informal, "open-mike" Ethos Roundtable session with anyone who decides to attend.

I hope that those who are disappointed or inconvenienced will accept my apology for the short notice.

Best regards from Deborah

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MC Brown said...

Well, Deborah, at first I was disappointed that I would not be hearing George, and do look forward to hearing him speak about the Philanthropic Directory at another time. But what a delightful surprise to hear Robbie speak about Socializing for Justice. He is such an entertaining speaker, inspiring many smiles and laughs from me. Mostly though I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness, drawing connections and giving concrete examples that made me think. Thanks, Deborah for the introduction to an interesting group, and for asking Robbie to speak about SoJust.org and thanks to Robbie for the work he is doing and his description of it.