Kudos to Robbie Samuels and Socializing For Justice!

Many of us were disappointed when George McCully had to cancel his presentation on the Massachusetts Philanthropic Directory. However, yesterday's Ethos Roundtable session was a great success as an "open-mike" event, and we owe a vote of thanks to Robbie Samuels for that!

We had a really good turn-out, considering the weather, and a terrific session. Fifteen or twenty people attended, and Robbie Samuels gave a truly inspired impromptu presentation about his project, Socializing For Justice. His model for cross-issue community building among activists, and his use of web tools to support face-to-face interaction was very much in keeping with the Ethos Roundtable's themes of expanding ethos and using technology for positive social change!


MC Brown said...

Well, Deborah, at first I was disappointed that I would not be hearing George, and do look forward to hearing him speak about the Philanthropic Directory at another time. But what a delightful surprise to hear Robbie speak about Socializing for Justice. He is such an entertaining speaker, inspiring many smiles and laughs from me. Mostly though I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness, drawing connections and giving concrete examples that made me think. Thanks, Deborah for the introduction to an interesting group, and for asking Robbie to speak about and thanks to Robbie for the work he is doing and his description of it.

Robbie Samuels said...

It was great honor to be asked to step in as an Ethos Roundtable presenter. I'm excited to be connecting more deeply with this group and hope we continue to find ways to support each others work.

A few attendees were kind enough to write a testimonial regarding my Socializing for Justice Philosophy and Purpose presentation -

John Haydon said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. And now I'm curious to learn more about Robbie and his work. Thanks!