Social bookmarking with the Ethos Roundtable

If you have web links that are relevant to the Ethos Roundtable's interests, it's easy to share them online by using Delicious.

  1. If you've never used Delicious before, register for a free account first. Otherwise, go directly to login.
  2. Post the link that you'd like to share with members of the Ethos Roundtable.
  3. Type in the name of the link in the "description" field, and some brief notes about why it's of interest in the "notes" field.
  4. Type in ethosroundtable in the "tags" field, and hit "save."

That's all it takes! The web link that you are sharing will (eventually) appear on this blog - in the right hand column, under the heading "From the Ethos Roundtable tagstream."

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