Coming soon to the world wide web: MassNonprofitNet.Org

Odd but true: Unlike most states in the U.S., Massachusetts does not have an association for nonprofit professionals or the organizations that employ them.

The historical reasons for this are too complex for my mind to encompass, but my best guess is that the biggest obstacle is what has been called "a fractious and exclusionary civic culture."

Fortunately, things are changing. The Nonprofit Working Group (sometimes known as the Nonprofit Strategy Working Group) is making steady progress toward an association that will be known as the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. The Boston Foundation is providing substantial funding, Third Sector New England is providing fiscal sponsorship, and a whole host of local worthies are bringing their knowledge and influence to bear on this project.

Susan Nicholl has been brought on as the project manager, and I've had a few conversations with her about MassNonprofitNet.Org, the web site that is currently in development. Although a great web site is no substitute for a spirit of collaboration, I'm hoping that the new spirit that exists in Massachusetts can be supported by an online presence that makes use of Web2.0 (or NetSquared) tools. I also hope that if you have ideas you'll share them by emailing Susan at nonprofitstrategygroup (at) gmail (dot) com.


Carol said...

Massachusetts is coming into the 21st Century? Unbelievable!!

lenstewart said...

Well, if anyone could help Massachusetts and nonprofits get into the 21st century, it'd be Deborah Elizabeth Finn. And, she might even push us towards the 22nd century, while she's at it.