February 19th at the Ethos Roundtable: "Is Wikipedia Helping or Hindering Social Change?"

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Tuesday, February 19th
4:30 - 6:00 pm
Charles Hotel
1 Bennett Street
Harvard Square, Cambridge

Featured guest: Jayne Karolow, LocaModa

Here's the word from our featured guest:
'Last roundtable, I spoke about Wiffiti, in particular its goal of encouraging organic, proactive conversations amongst people who would typically never interact with each other; it's been a highly successful social model. Now I'd like to take a look at the flip side of community media... When information comes into the mix, are we doing more harm than good by venerating "groupthink"?'
Online reading recommended by Jayne:
A brief biography of our featured guest:
'Jayne Karolow is the Director of Community at LocaModa, Inc, a technology company in Cambridge, MA, focused on connecting people and places. She is also a part-time instructor and Emerson Colleage, currently teaching a course entitled "Studies in Digital Media and Culture." In her free time, she enjoys running marathons and cooking in her tiny Somerville kitchen.'
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See you on the 19th!


Shava said...

For folks interested in the other side of the rather negative takes on Wikipedia process in this article, try:


Casey said...

I tend to think that whether we like it or not, "group think" is here to stay. The interweb makes it too darned easy... but also makes it necessary for individuals to read even more information in order to form their own opinion of "right" and "wrong" on any said issue.

If you're interested, I recently wrote about how non-profits can use Wikipedia to their benefit.

Fascinating topic all around. I wish I had been at the last roundtable!