Mission-Based Massachusetts: An email distribution list

Mission-Based Massachusetts is an email distribution list for people who care about nonprofit, philanthropic, educational, community-based, grassroots, socially responsible, and other mission-oriented organizations in the Bay State.

Announcements about meetings of the Ethos Roundtable are regularly posted to the MBM list.

It is a moderated, flame-free email distribution list that is open to anyone who is interested in the topic and willing to adhere to the basic principles of civil society.

The name of the group was chosen to encourage inclusion of persons from all sectors and demographic categories, rather than just nonprofit and philanthropic professionals.

If you'd like to browse recent messages, please go to the MBM archive. If you'd like to see a map of group members' locations, please go to the MBM community map.

You are very welcome to join the list, and to invite others to join! Because it is an "opt-in" list, your email address will not be added unless you confirm that you wish to participate. To do that, just send a blank email to this address:

mission-based-massachusetts-SUBSCRIBE (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

You can also stay up to date on messages posted to the list through the MBM RSS feed.

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